About Benefic

Benefic_wordBenefic provides insights on practices, technologies, and tools to help developers produce quality work.  When developers don’t know how to do something nowadays, 90% of the time the internet is the first place they’re going to search to figure it out.  Benefic aims to be reliable source of information for those developers who are looking to solve problems in efficient, easily understandable ways.

benefic.net has been online since 2002 and has been used for various development, testing, and personal projects.  This benefic development blog was first published in 2013.  Benefic is built on WordPress, uses a variation of the F2 theme, and is hosted by Squirrel-Host.com.


About The Author

Ben_Head_wanted_1Howdy, my name is Ben Moore, and I have worked in the capacity of developing business intelligence, data analytics, and data warehousing solutions, engineering software solutions, and providing IT support to customers with diverse needs. Visit Linkedin if you’d like to find out more about my professional background.

I like digging deep into lots of technological areas, learning how things work and how to solve problems in the best way possible.  I enjoy tackling the difficult problems, where sometimes the best solutions require stepping outside the boundaries of a team’s current knowledge and skill sets. I try to architect my solutions in such a way that they will be simple to understand by developers and users, reusable, and fault-tolerant.